Homemade Play-doh

Homemade Play-doh

20180919_152858Hi! I made homemade play-doh in July.  So easy and fun to make with the kids!  We haven’t played with it in a couple months and I decided to take it out today and let the kids play with it…..it is still super soft and fresh.  Here’s the recipe….

Playdough ingredients:
  1. 2 cups flour.
  2. 3/4 cup salt.
  3. 4 teaspoons cream of tarter.
  4. 2 cups lukewarm water.
  5. 2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil (coconut oil works too)
  6. Food coloring, optional.
  7. Quart sized bags.

It’s great to keep your little ones busy and use their imagination!  We love it!

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20180919_15243920180919_152458My source for this recipe is listed below and also explains how to cook it.


This link will explain steps to creating a nice clean play-doh that will keep your kids busy for hours!

Children should have learned basic kindness early in life….????

Children should have learned basic kindness early in life….????

27745Happy Monday! So, last week I was cleared to wear a simple ankle brace.  Hooray! This weekend was absolutely beautiful outside and so summer like.  My family and I spent a lot of time outside!

My oldest son had a sleepover at my parents on Saturday night.  Those make for great memories! I love that my boys are very close to both sides of the family.  Keeps the grandparents very active in the lives of their grandchildren as well.  My oldest son draws pictures and makes gifts for them when he goes to visit.  Little kind gestures go a long way to make people happy.  Which is a very important reminder for today’s society.

I encourage my boys to make people smile instead of cry.  Compliment rather than name call.  Be truthful rather than lie! Greet people and say goodbye when coming or going.  These small things make a big difference today.  Everyone is too busy to acknowledge anyone or even repeatedly teach their child these small gestures.  It takes a village to raise a well rounded child! First it starts at home! Then it can be reinforced through caretakers, teachers and community.

Last week i attended open house! I received so many nice compliments about my son.  I can not take full credit for him being the way he is.  I had a lot of help from my husband, my parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and community.  I was told out of 22 kids….he was 1 out of 2….that actually said thank you when something was handed to him.  Something that should be very natural is because we aren’t taking time to reinforce kindness.  Kindness should be a priority!

Now,  lets flash forward to this morning.  My son was outside waiting for the bus.  An older lady walks by without even turning her head….not one word.  She just looked forward and couldnt be bothered.  My son and I both looked at eachother.  Goodmorning is very simple but I guesss saying nothing is even simpler.

My point is that if you aren’t teaching your child at a young age about kindness then it won’t come natural.  Please and thank you should be like putting on a seatbelt when you get in a car.  Without it….you should feel like something is missing.

I’m so worried about our future! I want these children to be able to communicate.  Not through text but verbal communication.  They need to have natural grace and be able to look a person in the eye when holding a conversation.  Teaching this as early as birth is what it takes.  My 2yr old says please and thank you and his words are very minimal.  It starts young! Take a step back from your busy life and work on these traits before it’s too late and becomes unnatural.

Let’s see our children grow and succeed! We need to focus more on teaching to respect and be kind.  The rest will all come easily with a well built foundation!

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9/11 Self Reflection

9/11 Self Reflection

15366889912937561277221385617980Hi! School is back in action and my business is back up and running! I have to say by the end of last week….my body was sore from head to toe.  No joke! I had an xray not to long ago and my foot was healed but my ankle needed a little more time.  So…..fingers crossed! This Thursday,  I go for another xray and hopefully I will be put in a lighter ankle brace.  Its been a long haul in the healing process.  I want to be healed and have full movement in my ankle.   It is so stiff out of the aircast and trying to move it around.

On a lighter note…..yesterday afternoon my niece came over and babysat my three boys! My husband and I were able to go and see The Nun in the movie theater.  So much fun! We went to a 430pm movie and were back home having supper by 6:30pm.  I have to say….it was great! It’s so nice to go out and break up the monogamy.  We have to do that more often.

Last night I had to figure out a lesson plan for my kids and had to incorporate 9/11 day of remembrance.  We will be making flags this afternoon! I had to talk a little bit about what had happened that day with my older kids.  We all had a sad moment! It brought back such vivid memories for me.  I lived in Virginia at that time and the chaos that went on there with the attack on the Pentagon and the fighter jets that flew over us.  I didnt know if we were being attacked or attacking.  Very scary! The rest of my family lived on long island and I had no idea what was going on there….since the phone lines were busy and no calls would go through!  Luckily for my family everyone was fine but for those who lost their life….so tough for the ones they left behind.  It’s a sad day.

I’m so thankful for my family and for the country we live in! I appreciate the things I have and look forward to great things that were sacrificed for me.  I have so many freedoms as a woman, wife, mom and business woman.  Life couldnt be better! We need to appreciate the big things and the small stuff!


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Working Mom Brain

Working Mom Brain

15362550228685199534866564611483Hi! It’s been a hectic last couple of days around my home! With school starting, new daycare kids, pto meetings, karate, planning my work days to keep my kids learning and engaged all day and also buying school clothes and last minute supplies.  Craziness!! Working moms have a busy life! I’m sure most would say the same!

My son went back to school yesterday and came home loving his teacher and his classmates.  I get to check off my list…stop worrying about his school year.  I had two new kids start yesterday and they both left very happy.  Although, one came in this morning and cried.  Dreaded crying of a new kid! Always makes me sad and makes me question….could I do anything to make my place better.  I am a very structured daycare.  I like to follow a schedule and I teach a lot of life lessons….manners and etiquette.  Sometimes I wish I could be a fly on the wall and view other daycares.  Are they very free play based with little structure?

My three year olds are able to spell their name out loud and are working on writing and recognizing it daily.  I am teaching them sight words along with basic alphabet, shapes, colors and numbers.  My kids get work sheets and coloring pages.  They also get projects like gluing cheerios to letters of their name.  My 2 year old participate in these activities and a lot of them catch on super fast!  Months of the year, days of the week and alphabet are picked up quick with singing.

Dont get me wrong….its not all about worksheet and pasting.  We have a lot of free time to play inside and outside.  These kids learn a lot through playing and following directions to clean up.  Sometimes that can be pretty brutal to watch.  Kids hate clean up time!

I am always trying to find better ways to get these kids learning without it feeling like work.  My goals are set high….I know it!  I want these little ladies/gentlemen to go to pre kindergarten and know the work and make as many friends as they can.  I want them to be able to communicate and show this world that the next generation is great and amazing! Confidence! Do I ask a lot….probably! I dont think I’m doing my job if I don’t push these kids to full potential.  Manners and etiquette are definitely the basis to my teaching style!

I’m proud of my son going to first grade and leaving behind his dreaded kindergarten year.  I’m also proud of myself for pushing forward with my business and making changes and always improving.  I am a mom of three boys and I’m an entrepreneur! Crazy!

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Motherhood At Its Best!

Motherhood At Its Best!

15358269116456397660408727639546Happy Labor Day Weekend! Motherhood is made up of so many highs and lows and add multiple children to the mix and it can be rather interesting.  For the past three days my baby boy has been teething like crazy as his front teeth start erupting from the gumline.   He has been extremely cranky along with a constant flooding of drool while chewing on anything that he can get his hands on.  I feel so bad for the little guy! He is normally a happy giggling little fellow who sleeps so well.  These past three nights….he’s been waking everyone up several times a night.


When I say he’ waking everyone up….he did indeed! My two year old is definitely not getting the required sleep he should be receiving!  Can I say hot mess!  He woke up this morning crying…whining and throwing a fit over any little thing.  He is so overly tired that he wont go down for naps easily as well.

My oldest son is showing signs of lack of15358274219342373153632203166606 listening to which I will blame on lack of sleep as well!  Ironically,  I pulled a baby tooth of his yesterday that was looking like a snaggle tooth since an adult tooth was growing in behind it.  Everytime I pull one of his teeth…he laughs and cries at the same time!  Lol. Sometimes I wonder how I got the job of pulling loose teeth?!  Just putting in perspective I have two more boys to go… Oh boy!!

1535828088691314049454565080471Motherhood is such a mixture of jobs.  We are nurses, chefs, maids, dentist, law enforcement,  laundry person, personal driver, wardrobe coordinator, personal assistant as well as working women.  I’m sure I left out many more titles! I told my husband it’s about time for another date night.  Ladies/moms it is so important to still make time for you!  Getting wrapped up with kids needs all day and all night can be stressful as well as exhausting.  Us moms are working crazy hours if you include mom job! Give yourself a break and at the very least plan a once a month night out! You deserve it!  It will benefit by resetting your brain and allow you to let things go a little easier.

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Never Wrong to Live, Laugh and Love!

Never Wrong to Live, Laugh and Love!

1535564494266363625318994756409Morning all! Last week we received a phone call that a close family member had passed away.  He had been battling a disease for years and he finally gave into it after years of being uncomfortable and in pain.  They were prepared but didn’t realize how soon this all would happen.  Loved ones never want to let go!

This morning my husband and I went to a very small memorial service at the gravesite to pay our respects to a well respected business man, father, grandfather and husband.  He was very well liked and respected in our community.  He did very well for himself during his lifetime here….but you would never know because he was very down to earth and easily approachable.  He wasn’t a materialistic person by far!  His didn’t want a big wake or a huge funeral.  His wishes were for immediate family to hold a small memorial service and to think about him but dont dwell on his death.  He is now at peace.

For the ones left behind, the pain seems to run deeper.  A mourning widow, an only son and his wife and two grandsons that lived next door to them since as long as they can remember.  Leaving this world seems like the easy part…it’s the people you leave behind that have it rough.  Time will heal the hurt but he will always be remembered by all!

I walked away with such a sadness for the living for they will go home and look at old memories and re tell stories of old times but this time with one less person in the room.  One day those stories will be shared with great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.  It’s amazing how life cycles!

So, my thought of the day…..cherish every moment because life flies by so fast!  Stop dwelling on the small things that can get fixed or maybe not.  Take lots of pictures! Hug often! Love as much as you can because you never know when your time is up or if it’s the last time you will see a loved one.  Life is too short for any regrets!


Talk to you soon,


Setting Goals For the New School Year!

Setting Goals For the New School Year!

15354801842636356796706928386213Good afternoon!  Its been an interesting day! My first day back at working…running my own family day care! I just got everyone down for naptime/quiet time.  I’m pretty exhausted and my body hurts just trying to get back into the swing of reality!

Next week is going to be full swing and full load of kids.  I’m excited to start off a brand new school year!  I’ve set up a curriculum for my little ones and I am putting my best foot forward and using all the techniques I read up on.  September will be the theme ” all about me”.  My kids will be learning all the letters of their first name and I’m going to introduce a few sight word/popcorn words.  I was so impressed on how fast they picked up on colors, months, days of the week, and seasons last year!  Every day is a new experience working in a daycare and I tend to try different approaches to learning….some stick and some get the boot.

Summer leaving  so soon is a little bitter sweet!  Im certainly going to miss my oldest son going off to first grade.  He isn’t looking forward to the new school year because he had such a rough class last year.  Im praying things go so much smoother this year and he makes friends easily.  He opens up so easily and loves to talk and talk and talk! He is also very involved in karate and lacrosse. He was a first place winner in his grade level science fair and did well in all areas of coursework.   He does a great job!  Now….he needs to find friends in his class for his sanity and mine. Lol

My two younger kids are very happy at home with their daycare friends.  They are still learning how to share, use words and my youngest son to walk.  They have it super good!

My goals this new school year is to heal up fast, keep eating healthy, make new friends myself and lose weight! I’ve been putting myself on the back burner for the last couple years…. getting married, having babies and all of lifes memorable moments and miracles.  This is the time for me to get healthy…mentally and physically!  I have a clear mind for the new school year!

What are your goal(s)?



We all have a little Bad Mom in us!

We all have a little Bad Mom in us!


Hi all!  I dont know if I told you but I love to watch movies! Horror movies are my favorite but I also love comedy.  Every mom needs a way to wind down after a long hectic day with the kids. Some moms exercise, some go out often with their girlfriends, some read books, some drink wine but considering I can’t do to much these days with a healing broken ankle….I watch movies.

I would be lying to you if I told you my three boys are angels all the time.   Having a 6 year old, 2 year old and a 7 month old can bring on days that really test patience and understanding that only a mom would understand.  My 6 year old loves to lay on the floor while my 2 year old barrels in screaming at the top of his lungs jumping on top of his big brother and hitting him with whatever object he has in his hands.  Now picture that….but add the youngest one screaming at the top of his lungs with a big smile. Other times, i walk into a room and I get brushed with some sort of flying object (toy) that my 2 year old launches accross the room just missing any glass object around.  I think my husband and I have come to terms with repeating “stop”, “don’t do that!”, “someone is going to get hurt!”, “do that outside”, “stop screaming!” And many others.  Thank goodness that having children brings on memory loss for us moms.  One minute we can be yelling at our kids and next minute we can cuddle and kiss and forget all the horrible moments we had in a day.  I wish our work days could be that way!

I mentioned that I love watching movies earlier and I love to relate my life to movies I watch.  Of course…horror movies dont usually meet that criteria except on days that the kids are reaching extreme limits.  Only joking! I always compare my family to a combination of cheaper by the dozen and bad moms.  We are organized chaos with a touch of mom humor.  “What works for one child doesn’t work for the next!”  I have three boys and all of them have totally different personalities.  Learning to be a mom is one thing but learning how to deal with each individual needs are a different ball game.  Moms are truly superheroes without capes!  I have laughed with my boys, cried with my boys and been angry with my boys.  Emotions that will never go away! They may drive me crazy but I love them to death.

Movies are my outlet to decompress and turn a hectic day into a day that can be looked back on and laughed at.  Memories are the best part of having a family.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a good memory or a bad memory as long as we have family! ❤❤❤

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Manners and Children are like Oil and Water!

Manners and Children are like Oil and Water!

My son had a friend sleep over the other night and I was so impressed by how polite this little boy was.  When his mother came to pick him up….I complimented her and her husbands parenting skills.  I haven’t seen a kid speak so natural in a long time.  I myself am constantly reminding my boys to say please and thank you.  Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!

This brings me to an article that I read about someone interviewing parents and asking one simple question.

“Who is the most important part of your family?”

Todays parents all said the kids!  What’s interesting to me is the older generations all said the parents.  This is the difference between todays children and we as children.  Entitlement should be respected and earned.  If we put our children at the top of the family then they never need to earn it and feel entitled.  Boundaries are a great thing!  They are set in place to protect your child and teach them respect.  Children need a parent to look up to as a role model and not a friend to be equal or lesser.  I can’t believe how many times I’ve witnessed a child talk down to a parent.  I dont blame the child….children will push boundaries whenever possible!  We as parents set those boundaries.

We as parents need to teach our children manners and etiquette.  This isn’t something your child will pick up on their own.  Some basic manners that I reinforce are simple but need to be repeated everyday.  I don’t assume because I said it once that it’s taught! Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

1) say hello when you enter a room and look at the person you are greeting

2) hold the door for anyone behind you

3) knock before entering

4) ask before taking someone else’s things

5) dont pick your nose or wipe your snot in front of anyone

6) say thank you when someone compliments you or gives you something

7) dont make fun of anyone

8) no negative comments…only compliments

9) when someone is speaking to you…look at them and speak clearly

10) if someone needs help….help them! (If this is a stranger..make sure it’s ok with mom or dad)

These are ten simple manners that most children don’t willingly do!  Todays children are our future.  They are our product.  Lets not set them up for failure! They need to earn their way to the top.  We as parents need to prioritize our importance! We provide shelter, food, clothing, toys, education, and love to our children. Just think! If we weren’t here…..our children wouldn’t exist! So…Moms!  Appreciate yourself!! Treat yourself and allow your children to respect you.

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Spicy Chicken and Rice Recipe

Spicy Chicken and Rice Recipe

A tasty recipe that you might like

Spicy chicken and rice

Cut up 3 large chicken cutlets into bite size pieces

Cut up medium size onion and put a little olive oil on bottom of pot

Saute onion and add chicken

Put on medium heat and cook until lightly browned.

In a seperate pot boil two bags of brown rice for 10 to 12 minutes

Add brown rice to pot with chicken and add two cans of tomato with chile peppers

Add garlic powder, cumin and salt to pot.  Add to your liking.

Easy recipe…can add guacamole or sour cream and tortillas.

Happy cooking,